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Volunteer Work Singapore – Best Charity Platform and Our Passion

Looking for Volunteer Work Singapore ? Or seeking a charity platform to make an online donation contribution ?

We are a group of individuals who believe in getting involved in charity, volunteer work and bringing changes to the community we live in. Our goal is to bring love and joy to the underprivileged and needy children. Through our care programme, we hope to channel the contributions to the non-profit organisations we support.

With your willing heart to step forward to help, we hope to shape a kinder and caring community right among us.


  • Social support – Befriend, support and educate
  • Donation drive – Gift Buy-forward & fund raising campaigns
  • Grow the support group – develop the volunteering spirit and community


Online Charity and sponsorship

By creating this online charity and sponsorship website, we hope to make it more convenient for people to step forward to give to charity and to volunteer work in Singapore. Every year, we would select at least one recipient organisation among the list of Best Charities to make a monetary donation. Support our cause now – join our volunteer group.

Please also check out our facebook archives on the donation and care program delivered since 2014.

  1. Year 2014 – Fundraising for Singapore Children Society
  2. Year 2015 – Fundraising for Cerebral Palsy Association of Singapore (CPAS)


Forward Looking Statement – Volunteer Work Singapore

In the near future, will be embarking on a eCommerce and digital platform. This initiative is to launch new and innovative services to enable our key stakeholders to easily design a charity goal, give or crowdshare at convenience.

  • Donation,
  • Volunteer & care campaigns and
  • Rally the resources


We hope our initiative will help spur more active charitable citizenship.  And in turn, this will also help the list of Singapore Charitable organisations to leverage our platform that is simple and cost effective.

  • Raise funds,
  • Rally volunteers and
  • Sponsorship


The plan is to realise our goal to leverage the digital platform and crowdsharing concept and bring the full benefits of “Buy-forward” to our children beneficiary.


We welcome partnering with you in any meaningful capacity to maximise the care benefits for these children. May you support our community initiative “Volunteer Work Singapore”. Do keep a close watch on our progress in this space.